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Image of 1976.7, Chess: Chess Pieces (with 1976.8)
Chess Pieces (with 1976.8)

Catalog Number1976.7
Object NameChess
TitleChess Pieces
DescriptionThirty-two chess pieces of turned fruitwood. One set of sixteen is either of a darker wood or stained. The brown set is slightly taller than the white set. The chess board (1976.8) is not original to the pieces.
LabelFranklin loved chess, playing it with friends as a social game in Philadelphia, London, and Paris. Ideas and images derived from the game occur throughout his writings. This set descended through his daughter Sarah to her great-great-great grandson Morris Duane, who gave it to the APS in 1976. French chess sets of this period have a distinctive form of knight; the top disk is sliced on two sides to form a point, instead of a horse’s head.
MaterialPearwood (possibly)
DimensionsH-3.5 inches
Dimension DetailsTallest piece
Credit lineAmerican Philosophical Society. Gift of Morris Duane, 1976.
Search Terms18th century
 eighteenth century
 Founding Father
ImageChess Pieces (with 1976.8)
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